Esthélis, filling to perfection


Filling to perfection



1. Five techniques for filling wrinkles…

There are 5 recognized techniques used for injecting dermal fillers:

The linear retro-tracing or anterotracing techniques
For fine or superficial wrinkles

The sandwich technique
Preferred method to treat, in a same area, a facial depression or fold and fine wrinkles.

The fan technique 
Perfectly adapted to enhance tissue volume in areas such as the naso-labial triangle.

The cross hatching technique 
Preferred method of treatment for modifying facial contours and enhancing tissue volume.

The serial puncture technique 
This technique consists in linear series of small quantities injected along the same wrinkle , sufficiently close together to avoid any irregularity or empty space. 

2. … one specially defined technique for Esthélis…

Because of the exceptional rheology of Esthélis products, each one of the above techniques needs to be customized to benefit from all of the advantageous properties of these gels.

The blanching technique is a specific adaptation for use with Esthélis products of the serial puncture technique. With the bevel of the needle pointed upwards and a reduced injection angle (on the order of 10 to 12°), multiple injections are done using a 30 g 1/2 needle. The injected sites are clearly blanched, the proof that the product is injected as superficially as Esthélis allows. These white zones disappear very rapidly (most of the time after a few minutes) and the appearance is perfectly natural. This technique is recommended exclusively for treatments to fill wrinkles and fine lines.

3. … and one “top level” for Esthélis gels

Most of the other fillers need to be injected in the middle or lower dermis.
Some of them have to be injected into the lower dermis. Indeed, their lack of diffusion capacity and in some cases granuloma formation (due to their biphasic or monophasic monodensified nature) does not permit superficial injections leading to natural results. Their principle therefore is: inject into deep tissues using large quantities…

Esthélis gels are monophasic and polydensified
That means that the different densities of the product allow them 
to optimally diffuse into and to bio-integrate with the dermis. 

Esthélis gels are perfectly homogeneous
and the injected areas always remain smooth.

Esthélis gels thus offer unique dermal bio-integration.    

This is why the Anteis InjectNow Academy recommends that Esthélis products should be injected into more superficial skin layers compared to other dermal tissue fillers.

This is the key to more efficient treatments using smaller product volumes…