How should I go about this?

The first stage involves making an appointment with your specialist doctor to talk to him/her about this. Only your doctor is in a position to make a precise diagnosis of your skin and to evaluate your skin aging, to provide you with a recommendation for increasing volume that you are looking for your lips, cheeks or chin etc. with full knowledge of the situation.

He/she may then recommend to you one of the Esthélis solutions most suitable for your situation, Basic, Soft, Male or Duo. No preliminary session is needed for allergy testing as Esthélis is of natural origin and entirely biocompatible.

How a treatment happens?

A session lasts for an average of 20 minutes, during which the practitioner will inject the substance precisely into the area to be treated, using a prefilled, entirely sterile syringe.
This comes in a box which your doctor will have specially chosen for you. The syringe is of course disposed of after use.

Is it painful?

Thanks to the unique ergonomic design of the Esthélis syringe, and to the structure of the product, (which permits very fine needles) the injections are not painful, although depending on how sensitive you are and for your comfort, your practitioner may use a local anaesthetic.

How long will it take before results can be seen?

At the end of the session you can return to your social and occupational life without the prolonged social isolation required after an operation. The immediate results will be seen by your family friends and colleagues. As for you, you will recover the comfort of a hydrated elastic dermis, and the benefit of a youthful appearance.